The West Loch Fairways Association voluntary Board of Directors strives to ensure that each and every resident can enjoy a safe and livable community. In order to meet this objective, the DCC&Rs and the Bylaws permits the Board to adopt rules and regulations to govern:

  • the use of the Common areas and Service Roads
  • the collection and disposal of trash
  • the burning of open fires
  • the maintenance of animals
  • the amount of the Initial Assessment to be paid by each new Association Member
  • a schedule of maximum fines for administrative rule and declaration violations


Resolution for Restricting the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Drones

WLF Pet Rule

Service Road Rule

Resolution to Restrict Parking on Certain Service Roads

Mopeds & Gopeds use in Common Areas Rule

Visitor Parking Rule

Prohibiting the Use of Alcoholic beverages in WLF Association’s Common Areas

WLF Fine Procedure

WLF Video Surveillance Technology Guidelines

WLF Recommended Plant List

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