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West Loch Fairways is a distinctive community located on the Ewa Plain, in the Ahupua’a of Honouliuli, District of Ewa, City and County of Honolulu. Its uniqueness is derived from a beautiful water feature at the community’s entrance, an overhead tree canopy that lines the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare, two picturesque community parks, and over 12 acres of leafy green space.

West Loch Fairways is bordered by West Loch Golf Course, Asing Park, and West Loch Shoreline Park which is the home to the Honouliuli National Wildlife Refuge and the future Leeward Bikeway. Its situation affords views of the Waianae Mountain range to the west and the Koolau Mountain range to the east. The neighborhood is fronted by Fort Weaver Road, 1.7 miles from the H1 freeway. The community is located within one mile of two future rail transit stops and is a safe and reasonable walking and bike riding distance to restaurants and shopping.

The West Loch Fairways Association represents the community, intensifying the influence of individual voices. Its volunteer Board of Directors and Committees serve to address concerns of the community, coordinate communication, sustain financial stability, maintain the common areas, and enforce the community’s covenants and design standards.

The aim of this website is to serve as a community information portal.

Seasonal Note:

House Paint: It has been noted that many homes are due for fresh paint. When considering painting your WLF home, please refer to the DCCR  page 21 “Section 3.03 (b) Any Owner proposing to construct, reconstruct, refinish or alter any part of the exterior of any Improvement Visible from a Neighboring Lot or perform any other work which requires prior written approval of the Design Committee, shall apply to the Design Committee for approval … In the case of refinishing or repainting only, the Owner shall submit a request listing the finish and/or color to be used. ”

Please refer to WLF House Paint Colors reference card . Always consult the WLF site Manger before initiating any costly work to your residence. Contact: wlf.sitemanger@gmail.com 


Seasonal Note: Illegal fireworks are a nuisance and hazard to your neighbors. Firework complaints ( per DCCR Section 3.02.t AND Section 3.02.u)  will be dealt with in accordance with the WLF Fine Procedures. Report firework use with clear video showing incident to HPD and wlf.sitemanger@gmail.com


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