The purpose of a community association’s governing documents is to provide for the legal structure and operation of the community.The documents:

  • Define the rights and obligations of both the association and its owners.
  • Create a binding relationship between each owner and the association.
  • Establish the mechanisms for governing and funding the association’s operations.
  • Set forth rules and standards for the protection of both owners and the community, enhancement of property values, and the promotion of harmonious living.

The West Loch Fairways Association was established upon the execution of the Articles of Incorporation on October 23, 1991 and the recordation of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCC&R) on October 25, 1991 in the State of Hawaii.

The Articles of Incorporation establishes the association’s corporate structure and defines its basic purposes and powers. Incorporating limits the liability of individual owners for acts of the Association and makes it easier to transact with other organizations. (Hyperlink Articles of Incorporation with file (WLF Exhibit G).

The West Loch Fairways Association DCC&R is a scheme of easements and running covenants that establishes and defines the present and future governance of West Loch fairways Association. Each Lot and Common Area is subject to the DCC&R.

The West Loch Fairways Association DCC&R :

  • Defines the portions of the development owned by the individual Owners and those owned by the Association.
  • Creates interlocking relationships binding all of the Owners to one another and to the Association for the purposes of maintaining, governing, and funding the development.
  • Establishes protective standards, restrictions, and obligations in areas ranging from architectural control to prohibitions on various activities in order to promote harmonious living.
  • Creates the administrative framework for the operation and management of the Association—although many of the specific administrative details are spelled out in the bylaws.
  • Provides the mechanism for financial support of the Association through assessments.
  • Provides for a transition of control of the Association from the Declarant to the Owners.


WLF Exhibit 1: Transfer Certificates of Title

WLF Exhibit 2: Lot Number Cross Reference List

WLF Exhibit A – D: Duplex Models

WLF Exhibit E: First Restatement of West Loch Fairways Design Standards

WLF Exhibit F: Property Subject to WLF DCC&R

WLF Exhibit G: West Loch Fairways Articles of Incorporation

WLF Exhibit H: Detail and Elevation Change of Wood and Metal Fence

WLF Exhibit I: Standard Fence Detail

WLF Exhibit J: Moss Rock Wall Details

WLF Exhibit K: Moss Rock Wall and Metal Fence Detail

WLF Exhibit L: Moss Rock Wall and Wood Fence Detail

WLF Exhibit M: Moss Rock Wall and Wooden Fence Transition Area

WLF Exhibit N: Concrete Driveway Extension Standard

WLF Exhibit O: Window Unit Air Conditioner Enclosure

WLF Exhibit P: Vinyl Fence Detail

WLF Exhibit Q: All House Models except Duplex Models

The Bylaws of West Loch Fairways Association were formally adopted on October 23, 1991 as the governing regulations for the administration and management of the Association. The Bylaws define the requirements for having membership in the Association, the requirements for conducting membership meetings, and the voting rights of the membership. The Bylaws also govern how the Board of Directors is elected, how the Board Officers are elected, and the authority and responsibilities of the directors and different officers.

WLF Bylaws



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