Navy Expanding the West Loch Annex

Navy expanding the West Loch Annex which involves fencing in the entire blast zone. The new area will provide a home for two new photovoltaic power plants.

Executive Summary: Magazines for Long Ordnance, West Loch Annex

 Proposed Action

The Proposed Action involves the construction of 24 new magazines for current ordnance storage requirements at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Oahu, Hawaii. The Proposed Action would also include secondary development necessary for safe ordnance operations such as magazine access roads/concrete aprons, utility and site drainage improvements, fire hydrants, construction staging area, a bypass road extending from Iroquois Road to North Road, perimeter fence and associated patrol road, entry control point at Iroquois Road, demolition of existing back gate near the corner of Iroquois Road and West Loch Drive, gate at North Road and Iroquois Avenue, as well as closing West Loch Drive and portions of Iroquois Road and North Road to public access due to safety and security considerations. The lead agency is the United States (U.S.) Navy. Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH) is a command of the U.S. Navy that is responsible for endorsement of facilities at JBPHH West Loch Annex.

 Purpose of and Need for the Proposed Action

The purpose of the Proposed Action is to provide sufficient storage space for Joint Base Pearl Harbor- Hickam to meet its current storage requirement. The need for the Proposed Action is to meet the mission of Navy Munitions Command to receive, maintain, store and issue ammunition, weapons and technical ordnance material for the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and other activities and units as designated by the Chief of Naval Operations. In this regard, the Proposed Action furthers the Navy’s execution of its congressionally mandated roles and responsibilities under 10 U.S.C. section 5062 e.g., ready for prompt and sustained combat as it relates to operations at sea).

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