City Proposing 145 Unit Affordable Housing Project In Empty Lot Next To West Loch Elderly

The City and County of Honolulu will be holding a informational meeting at the West Loch Elderly Social Room on May 20, 2019 4:30 pm to inform the residents of a plan to build a 145 unit affordable housing project on the empty lot that is south of the West Loch Elderly apartment complex. Those of us who have lived here since the beginning were told that the lot would be developed as a retail space (convenience store, dry cleaners, and so on) for the residents of West Loch Elderly and beyond. Please come out to the meeting. As a community we need to form a consensus of whether this development will be a good fit. View and download the Request For  Proposal: West Loch Affordable Rental Housing

Concerns: How tall, How much parking (residents will use Asing Park to park if not sufficient parking), Is it really affordable? What concessions will the community gain from the developer (upgrades to park, intersection, West Loch Elderly). How will it affect traffic. Who will live there (singles, familys, a mix).


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